Saturday, 14 September 2013

Biology Form 4 Notes

Biology Form 4 Notes - Welcome to my blog, my name is Afif, I am a former student of pure science in school, among 12 subjects i learn, the one that I'm very interested in is biology. So through this blog I will share some important information about the biology form 4 notes that you should know.

As you know, the subject of biology form 4, there are nine main chapters which has been the subject of discussion. So from this chapter I will share some notes on topics discussed. Click link below to view the notes for each chapter (link will available soon).

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Biology

Study of Biology

Scientific Investigation

Chapter 2 - Cell Structure and Cell Organisation

Cell Structure and Function

Appreciating the Uniqueness of the Cell

Chapter 3 - Movement of Substances Accross the Plasma Membrane

Movement of Substances across the Plasma Membrane

The Structure of Plasma Membrane

Chapter 4 - Chemical Composition of the Cell

Chemical Element in the Cell

Chapter 5 - Cell Division

The Significance of Mitosis


Chapter 6 - Nutrition

Types of Nutrition

Chapter 7 - Respiration

Energy for Living Processes

Chapter 8 - Dynamic Ecosystem


Chapter 9 - Endangered Ecosystem

Human activities that endanger an ecosystem

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